JUNE 2020
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Kiran Bahl


It’s summer! And Covid-19 is still around, sort of. Yes, we are more cautious. And no, we are not choosing to really ‘stay-at-home’ so much and just want to get out, if not away. Some family and friends are finally hosting smaller dinners and restaurant meets too.

It’s a challenge to dress Indian sometimes and not feel overly done entertaining indoors or outdoors. Here are some ways to look pretty and embellished, but also not a Christmas tree in June!


We know it can feel awkward to go to a friend’s dinner get-together in American clothing and see all the guests in Indian wear. It’s also hard to think of wearing a fancy sari or suit to someone’s house for a small group gathering. How can we make a casual Indian look work? Balance!

Pick your fancy for the night and balance all else. Choose a shiny blouse and plain solid sari together – they will work beautifully. Or a heavy zari or embroidered dupatta draped on a simple cotton suit. Opt for one piece to stand out and you’ll look outstanding!


Don’t go out in a cute summer cotton lengha or suit and wear a full jewelry set dripping even more with bangles, rings and anklets.

Sparkle your jewels, don’t ignite them ablaze! Pick big earrings or a big necklace, not both. Choose lots of bangles or lots of rings, not together. A little can go a long way especially when pairing your jewelry with an Indian look.


You may be used to painting your “party look” face and painting your nails a certain way for every party or event that you attend. But occasions lately are being celebrated smaller and more cautiously. How to adjust a little and not look clown-ish for a casual afternoon at a friend’s? Less.

We all know skincare in the summer supersedes makeup during the summer months, especially in our tropical and humid climate here in Florida. Less makeup is already in the works but we also want to look extra pretty in events, especially dressed up in our favorite lenghas and saris.

Try a deep lip color. A matte deep plum or fuchsia shade will polish your face and entire outfit. The key is to keep all else on your face very basic. Some mascara and a hint of blush is a good combo to match a dark lip. For nails, nude and light hues are in. Natural-looking nails help your outfit and jewels display more, which is just the point!

As we venture back out into the world, some faster and some slower than others, know it’s OK. There is no race or competition in your own safety and comfort zones. But do try and get back out, one step at a time, whether it’s physically getting out or just getting onto those world-famous Zoom video calls with your family and friends. Because after all, that’s true happiness, in or out – living with and being around our loved ones. And, as always, remember to ‘gro with style’!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail kiran@grostyles.com or visit www.grostyles.com

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