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Dr. Ravindra Nathan, second from left, visits a relief camp in Kerala
Bay area pitches in for tsunami victims
By NITISH S. RELE - [email protected]

The Dec. 26 tsunami disaster spurred several Tampa Bay area residents to pitch in with donations and other types of aid. Among the groups that sent donations were the Hindu Temple of Florida and Federation of Indian Associations of Tampa Bay, which collected about $40,000. Also, the Patel Foundation for Global Understanding matching every individual contribution. Read full story

The new SAT and what it means
The days of the old SAT are over. Gone are the days when students had to complete analogies and quantitative comparisons. The College Board, the body that conducts the SAT exams, made some vital changes.
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Self esteem is key to child's success in 2005
Approximately 20 to 45 percent of school-aged children do not reach their full potential because they suffer from low self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to how you feel about yourself. It includes self-confidence, self-respect, pride in oneself, independence and self-reliance. Success builds self-esteem and leads to continued success.
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Get more in the upcoming events sections, youth higlights, health updates and read book reviews in this edition of Khaasbaat.
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Bollywood Releases
By Shephali J. Rele

This section will be devoted to telling you about creative films that may not have been blockbuster hits but in case you missed it, worth a look. It will also focus on new releases this month.
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Profile: Reef Karim

Three-in-one. That pretty much sums up the Reef Karim who trots around with three careers under his belt.

Some days, he is a psychiatrist and addiction fellow on the clinical facility at University of California, Los Angeles� Neuropsychiatric Institute. Other days, he is a professional dancer and actor. He played the lead in the Indian-American film �Flavors,� and also starred in �Laurel Canyon� and the upcoming �Lords of Dogtown.�
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Pension For Knowing

Don�t procrastinate when it comes to planning for your future. Yes, free time is in short supply and there are many details to keep tabs on, but if you want to live comfortably after retirement, you need to pay attention now to how you will finance those years.
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