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If you don’t understand abstract art, it’s not your fault

By Brinda Pamulapati

Abstract art allows the artist to use visual language more freely to express the structure of their consciousness. Abstract artists get their visions by realizing and connecting their sensory experiences. The manifestation of the vision is directed by the artist’s internal drive, intuition and gut feeling.

Creating art involves two main phases. The first phase is crystallizing the composition in the mind and the second is making the composition a tangible object. Artists usually master the ground rules before they can use their ‘artistic license’ to break them. 

Prolific artists are bombarded with too many ideas and have a tough time deciding which of their awesome ideas to create. Their conscious is bombarded with desires and responsibilities to bring these abstract ideas and visions into existence.

Total abstract art on canvas is a “Game of Colors.” One is not to expect realistic and geometrical shapes. To understand abstract art, one should have a heightened feeling for colors as the abstract artist is hungry or driven to speak with colors. After the artist finishes expressing the idea by manifesting it in a tangible art form, there is a great sense of accomplishment.

New Hope

New Hope, Acrylic on Canvas, Diptych 24 x 24 each

Similar to space, abstract art has no boundaries or borders. Principles we take for granted, for instance gravity, do not apply. Worldly objects like the sun or the moon, a tree or a table and worldly event such as a wedding or a dance cannot fully describe the full range of human emotion. Abstract art originates in a different plane of mental imagination. The movement belongs to human imagination.

Abstract art is not a disfigured, distorted, exaggerated or compressed form of real world. For example, cubism by Picasso is a type of conceptual realism. In abstract art, the whole composition is considered to be more important than the parts that make the whole. The whole is made by focusing on color, form and movement.

According to my mentor Prof. Jacob Pichhadze, a world-renowned artist living in Toronto, “In abstract art, all art movements and theories of visual arts lose their meaning as the imagination of the human being overpowers everything else.“

Though history claims a few artists as fathers of abstract art, I think it is a collective conscious language expressed via the medium of color. Once the consciousness creates the idea, the artist uses impulse to choose color and movements to make it tactile.

Is everybody capable of understanding abstract manifestations of human emotion? No, as nearly all are trained to only look for meaningful shapes in art. With the absence of such shapes, the ‘trained’ brain does not recognize the language of colors. A developed sense for color and a mind free of expectation is all that is needed to understand abstract art. 

"Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential." – Wassily Kandinsky, pioneer of abstract modern art.

Brinda Pamulapati, owner/managing director, of Venvi Art Gallery in Tallahassee, can be reached at (850) 322-0965 or visit www.VenviArtGallery.com

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