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Philanthropic endeavors focus on medical facilities

We spotlight three Tampa Bay area families – the Pagidipatis, Tanejas and Chivukulas – who recently made significant contributions toward the betterment of healthcare in the community.

Pagidipati Family GIFTS $50 million to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Foundation

Story provided by St. Joseph’s Hospital

An artist's rendering of the Pagidipati Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s.

Tampa business leader and philanthropist Sidd Pagidipati holds his children, Aria and Aren, while announcing the $50 million donation. Pictured left to right: Ishan, Ami Pagidipati, Arjun, Rahul Pagidipati, Aria, Sidd Pagidipati, Aren, Dr. Rudrama Pagidipati and Dr. Devaiah Pagidipati.

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Foundation recently announced a $50 million gift from the Pagidipati family of Tampa to support the future of pediatric health care in the Tampa Bay community. Tampa business leader and philanthropist Sidd Pagidipati, along with his brother Rahul and sister Srujani, make this transformative donation to honor their parents' legacy as health care providers, their 50th wedding anniversary and their 50th anniversary of coming to the United States. The Pagidipati's generosity is one of the largest donations in Tampa Bay history and one of the largest gifts to health care in Florida. The gift will support the new, specially designed pediatric facility for St. Joseph's Children's Hospital.
When the new children's hospital facility opens, it will be named "Pagidipati Children's Hospital at St. Joseph's" in recognition of the generosity of the Pagidipati family. The new hospital building is scheduled to open by 2030, further enhancing the pediatric services provided by BayCare, already the leading health care provider for children in West Central Florida.    

"When you see what happens at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital every single day, you cannot help but be moved to contribute to the future of our region's children," said Sidd Pagidipati. "St. Joseph's is already one of the nation's best children's hospitals, and my family is excited to help ensure pediatric care remains second to none for our children and for our neighbors' children for decades to come."

Sidd's father, Dr. Devaiah Pagidipati, a Harvard-trained pediatric anesthesiologist, and his mother, Dr. Rudrama Pagidipati, a pathologist, have shown a life-long commitment to practicing medicine and running businesses focused on improving health care in our local communities. The couple recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and 50th anniversary of coming to the United States.

Sidd Pagidipati has built a career running various medical-related businesses, including starting a Medicare Advantage HMO with his father, and founding Better Health Group. His wife, Dr. Ami Pagidipati, is an endodontist, business owner and dental school adjunct professor.

Joining in the celebration of the gift in their parents' honor is Sidd's brother and sister-in-law, Rahul and Dr. Neha Pagidipati, and sister, Srujani Pagidipati, as well as Sidd and Ami's two children, who were both born at BayCare hospitals.

Historic Gift from Taneja Family Foundation Surpasses $120 Million in Total Contributions To TGH

Story provided by TGH

Jugal and Manju Taneja at groundbreaking of the Taneja Surgical, Neuroscience & Transplant Tower at TGH.

Tampa General Hospital (TGH) recently celebrated more than $120 million in charitable contributions over a two-year period to advance its vision to transform health care through innovation. The latest gift toward the $120 million milestone came from the Taneja Family Foundation and is the largest in the foundation’s history.

Tampa General leadership, community leaders and members of the Taneja family broke ground on the Taneja Surgical, Neuroscience & Transplant Tower, a medical pavilion in the heart of Tampa Bay, where patients will have access to best-in-class providers, the latest research therapies and state-of-the-art technologies. The tower bears the Taneja name in honor of the Taneja Family Foundation’s contribution to the TGH Foundation.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2027, which will then serve as home for Tampa General’s surgery, neuroscience and transplant service lines.
Giving back to the community was instilled in Jugal Taneja, president and treasurer of the Taneja Family Foundation, from a young age. His father emphasized the importance of generosity and encouraged his growing family to pay it forward.

In 2010, Jugal and Manju Taneja together founded Belcher Pharmaceuticals, a company headquartered in Florida that focuses on innovating the development of complex genetic medications and antibiotics.

Tragedy struck the family in 2015 when Jugal and Manju’s son Mandeep was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He passed away in 2018. While Mandeep’s life could not be saved, the Tanejas chose to pay it forward and invest their resources in others in need of specialized care.

“We have lived the American Dream, and now we want others to have that same chance at life,” said Jugal Taneja on behalf of himself, Manju and the family. “What better way to pay it forward than to give greater access to world-class care for those who need it most?”

TGH to Establish Dr. Jagadamba and Krishna Chivukula Men’s HEALTH Center with $6.5 Million Gift

Story provided by TGH

Tampa General Hospital (TGH) has revealed plans for a new center focused on men’s health made possible with the generous contribution of Dr. Jagadamba and Krishna Chivukula to the TGH Foundation.

The Dr. Jagadamba and Krishna Chivukula Men’s Health Center, named in recognition of the couple’s $6.5 million donation, is a complement to the highly successful USF’s Pamela Muma Women’s Health Center, which opened in 2019. The Dr. Jagadamba and Krishna Chivukula Men’s Health Center will provide seamless, coordinated, comprehensive primary and preventive care for male patients, just as the Muma Center focuses on women’s health.
Tampa General is currently evaluating locations and developing plans for the new center. Construction on the Dr. Jagadamba and Krishna Chivukula Men’s Health Center is expected to begin in the next couple of months, with plans to open in 2025.

“Personal wellness and life longevity are of utmost importance to us. With this investment, we’re encouraging others to seek care at Tampa General and benefit from the world-class providers available right here in our own community,” said Dr. Jagadamba and Krishna Chivukula. Krishna Chivukula is Chairman of the Board and Founder of INDO-MIM, a leading global supplier of Metal Injection Molded products with locations in the U.S., India and Europe. Dr. Jagadamba Chivukula is a retired neonatal physician. They recently moved to the Tampa Bay region from Princeton, N.J.


Venvi Art Gallery announces the opening of "Dance of Hues"; an exclusive solo exhibition by abstract artist Brinda Pamulapati. Featuring 28 original paintings, each a vivid exploration of color and motion, the exhibition will run from May 17-June 16, with an opening reception on May 17 from 5 to 8 p.m. “Dance of Hues” explores the dynamic interactions between colors, embracing the spontaneity of the compositions that emerge when solely being guided by interplay and contrasting hues. It draws inspiration from the concept of movement and expression, in a way that is similar to dance. Instead of tangible objects, hues are the main focus of the display.

Each piece portrays hues in varying poses that evolve and flow, similar to the fluidity of a dancer’s body, creating visual rhythm and dynamism through the movement of colors. The canvas itself for her works is a stage for the varying colors to express harmony amongst contrasting hues, and also maintaining balance through artistic expression.

Working primarily with acrylics, Pamulapati incorporates vibrant colors, unusual shapes,
and rich textures into her art. Each color choice is deliberate, aimed at evoking emotional
responses and challenging conventional perceptions of color. "The vibrancy in the colors acts like art therapy, uplifting the mood and providing a festive outlook," says Pamulapati. Brinda Pamulapati’s artistic journey began in India, blossoming under the guidance of world-renowned artist Jacob Pichhadze at the Yazi School of Visual Arts, Toronto.

Over the past 15 years in Tallahassee, she has significantly contributed to local arts, influencing cultural programs and bringing fresh perspectives through her dual role as an artist and gallerist. Since founding Venvi Art Gallery in 2015, her engagement with the art market has deepened, enriching her approach to both creating and showcasing art. She currently has her work on display at the Pensacola Museum of Art.

Curating the Venvi exhibition is Paloma Rambana, a Media Studies student at The New
School in New York City. Rambana has a background in curatorial studies from Sotheby’s and
interned with the Council on Culture and Arts (COCA).

About Venvi Art Gallery:  Venvi Art Gallery is at 2901 East Park Ave., Tallahassee. For more information, visit




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