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Happy Thanksgiving. With Diwali and Eid done and over with (it’s so sad to see these days pass us by so quickly, isn’t it?), it’s time to enjoy the festivities of our America too! ’Tis the American holiday season – let’s enjoy it with as much zeal as we did the desi season; we’re truly lucky to get to enjoy two sets of holidays.  

Ladies, styles now are a variation of old and modern tastes to make any outfit instantly ‘new.’ From lengha-saris to minakari and tipki suits, to net and lace saris, runway looks are ever-changing to keep up with the coolness of the upcoming winter season.


Finally, a twist to the traditional sari! With saris becoming the fashion staple of all fall/winter collections globally, designers upped the classic look a notch to create this beauty. The bottom half of the lengha-sari is similar to a lengha ‘skirt.’ It stays in place with a tab, hook or zipper. With this look, no petticoat is needed. Instead of the normal pleats in the front, two sets of pleats are stitched in towards the front of the lengha part, creating a flowy, sari-like look, but with a flirty, A-line look of a lengha. Attached to the lengha-sari is the pallu, which can be wrapped seedha or ultta pallu style. The choli is usually much more ornate than a regular sari blouse, with cutwork, beading and heavy embroidery/zari workings.  This sari look combined with the lengha look encompasses the lengha-sari. It’s becoming a major look in runways and Bollywood TV/movies. Being a new entrant in the fashion world, however, all colors and combinations are being experimented with. To avoid being overly done or colorful at any event, be sure to keep all jewels simple. 


We all know how infamous minakari jewelry sets have become, as well as kadas. This traditional red and green enamel look, set in antique gold, has been the top trend of the year, and is here to stay. Outfits, too, have followed suit, with similar shadings as well. From red and green patialas and gold and red churidaars, to teal and mustard salwars and gold and rani pink saris, minakari has taken over several designers’ shows. 

The key to perfecting the look? When wearing the outfit, be sure not to match jewelry too much. If wearing a red and green patiala, stick with antique gold jewelry and one kada, versus dressing head to toe in the two tones. Unfortunately, the style can look ‘Christmas-like’ easily, especially here in America. 


Tipki suits are exactly how they sound. They involve lots of tipkis, such as polka-dots, on the suit. Saris, too, have been displayed with this look. Nine times out of ten, the tipkis will be golden in color, almost foil-looking. The whole fabric will surmise of it, copying a pattern. This is the reason it is important not to choose this fabric as your primary one. It will look too flashy, and lose its elegant, vintage touch. If wearing a tipki suit, be sure to choose a crepe or brocade kameez, and have the patiala or churidaar as well as the dupatta in tipki.  If wearing a sari, have the sari itself one particular solid shade, then have the pallu with tipki work, or just have the sari blouse with it. There are so many variations to wear this fresh, old-soul look! 


This look is just beautiful. Feminine, perfect for winter under a soft shawl, and worn in delicate, pastel shades, lace and net saris will dominate through the new year. Saris made with net will be all semi-sheer net, from the start of the sari through the pallu, with super embellished pallus. With lace saris, too much lace can look a bit outdated. The trick is to include lace in the details of your sari blouse or top half of your pallu. Lace is more sheer than net; having the top half of your pallu this way, will show your sari blouse underneath, therefore still not revealing too much. Colors, too, include shades of cream, pale yellow, sky blue and baby pink. 

Send us your fashion questions and concerns. Follow the trend.  E-mail us at, and we’ll answer any and all your fashion dilemmas! Here’s this month’s Fashion Drama Question of the month:

Q: Hello. Wanted to inquire about long-sleeved outfits for winter. Are they necessary? Can I still wear strappy and other sleeveless outfits even though it’s cold outside? – Anu, Tampa

A: Easy answer – No long-sleeved outfits required for winter!  Even the long-sleeved looks you’ll notice are net sleeves, more as decoration than anything else. The look now is to wear even the strappiest outfit and be okay. Sheerness is very much in, too. As long as you have the proper outerwear to stay warm and stylish, it’s perfectly fine not to wear a sleeved style.  Choose from a stylish shawl or cardigan to make your look stand above the rest, and add to your signature style.

We wish you all happiness, success and peace now and always.  Enjoy each other’s presence, and always invite more positive company into your lives. And as you do all this and live life to the fullest, always remember to gro with style! 

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, "An Indian Boutique," 2035 E. Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, can be reached at (813) 843-9040 or (813) 903-8334.

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