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ARIES / Mesha (Fire sign, ruling planet is Mars) - (March 21 – April 20)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika (1st Part)

The influences of some transitory planetary effects may adversely go against your interest. Expect fruitful results in business, trade circles and financial ventures. Intellectual faculties may function effectively and spoken words may have power and great command. Success in business ventures and marriage alliances are possible for eligibles. Better time for pursuing educational studies and academical careers and an overall cheerful period is ahead.

TAURUS / Vrushabha (Earthen sign, ruling planet is Venus) - (April 21 – May 21)
Moon Sign - Stars covered Krittika (last 3 parts), Rohini, Mrigashira (first 2 parts)

Some planets may produce mixed results. New and novel ideas could flow in. Some new responsibilities would be entrusted to you. Your words will have great command and you will be able to accomplish things easily and effectively. Intellectual faculties will function excellently. Social contacts and circle of influence increase! This is a practical month.

GEMINI / Mithuna (Air sign, ruling planet is Mercury) - (May 22 – June 21)
Moon Sign - Stars covered Mrigashira (last 2 parts), Ardra & Punarvasu (first 3 parts)

Transitory effect of Mercury is in your favour this month. The influences of remaining planets produce mixed results. Enthusiastic and cheerful period would lead some in right direction professionally. Success in some of the undertakings is possible. Planetary aspect upon your sign is a divine bliss. Marital alliances engagements maybe as per your satisfaction. Business partnership and financial gains are seen and you may find unexpected sources for increasing income. 

CANCER / Kataka (Watery sign, ruling planet is Moon) - (June 22 – July 22)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Punarvasu (4th part), Pushya, Aslesha

Cancerians are to go with testing times. Fluidity is the nature of the Moon; your sign lord is the significatory planet for the mind. Exercise control over your mind, but do not let the mind control you! You may not be in a position to take up firm decisions on important matters, otherwise. This might affect you adversely, at times, seriously with regards to relationship with others. Be alert at all times, especially while dealing with others.

LEO / Simha (Fire sign, ruling planet is Sun) - (July 23 – August 22)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Magha, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni (1st part)

Majority of the planets are in your favor though Sun is not highly beneficial. Positive conditions almost everywhere, however expenditure matches income. Your intellectual faculties may function at top level. Word power will have full command. No forces can change or challenge your view. Family and social standards may rise further. Some projects may pick up successfully. Success in major work areas is seen.

VIRGO / Kanya (Earthen sign, ruling planet is Mercury) (August 23 – Sept. 22)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Uttara Phalguni (last 3 parts), Hasta, Chitra (first 2 parts)

Mercury, your sign lord, is transiting through with full powers unimpeded and unafflicted.
Considering all the transiting planets are good, Gochara effect of some planets might create a testing time. This means you may face obstacles. Bearing this in mind, if you exercise and demonstrate skills, you are bound to be successful. Some may achieve objectives satisfactorily. Maintain an unshakeable faith in the divine force.

LIBRA / Tula (Air sign, ruling planet is Venus) - (September 23 – October 23)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Chitra (last 2 parts), Swati, Vishakha (first 3 parts)

The transition of Venus, your sign lord, is encouraging. Balancing lever is the symbolic representation of your sign, and you could basically long for justice in all aspects. This month is promising for personal achievements, particularly in finance, profession and business. Domestic happiness will provide happiness, fortune may shine, and health conditions will be satisfactory. You may have to put extra effort owing to certain negative and adverse currents. Let your Venutian power take over. You will find this to be a cheerful month.

SCORPIO / Vruschika (Water sign, ruling planet is Mars) - (October 24 – Nov 22)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Vishakha (4th part), Anuradha, Jyestha

Transitory positions of some planets are most favorable in lifting you up socially. New contacts may develop. Family setup, financial improvements, domestic happiness appear positive. You will feel spiritually enlightened and inspired to rise. Easy flow of money, additional sources of income and special gains dealings seem possible. Speculative gains too are in store. Healthwise, some natives may be in need of medical attention. Heavy expenditure cannot be ruled out though!

SAGITTARIUS / Dhanush (Fire sign, ruling planet is Jupiter) - (Nov 23 – Dec 21)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Moola, Purva Shada, Uttara Shada (first part)

The transitory positions of some planets look good, especially in marital matters. Some may self-promote through their own efforts and could even see a change in work place. Costs could compete with income; take care of finances. The transit of some planets may work adversely, and you may face unexpected problems in domestic circles and physical health. Take due care.

CAPRICORN / Makara (Earthen sign, ruling planet is Saturn) - (Dec 22 – Jan 20)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Uttara Shada (last 3 parts) Shravana, Dhanistha (first 2 parts)

Transits of major planets is favorable. Positions of Mars, Rahu and Ketu are highly congenial too. They may create problems for your personal health or spouse’s. You are undergoing a positive time. Fortune shines. Professional progress and promotions are in the works. You may purchase a vehicle or house. All constructive projects can pick up. Overall assessment shows a progressive month ahead with a cheerful note.

AQUARIUS / Kumbha (Air sign, ruling planet is Saturn) – (Jan 21 – Feb 19)
Moon Sign - Stars covered: Dhanishta (last 2 parts) Satabhisha, Purva Bhadra Pada (1st 3 parts)

Aquarius is the dignified as well as signified as most elevated, sophisticated and mystic sign in the solar system. This means you have leadership qualities. Your sign lord Saturn transits through a fortunate sign. Due promotions, business developments, partnership, expansions and new projects seem possible because of positive trend. Negative currents will be eliminated.

PISCES / Meena (Water sign, ruling planet is Jupiter) - (Feb 20 to March 20)
Moon Sign - Stars covered: Purva Bhadra Pada (last part) Uttara Bhadra Pada, Revathi

The transits of Jupiter, your sign lord, is favorable. It is the perfect time for implementing ideas into action. Your expansion schemes would work out well. Due to Rahu’s transitory position, rich benefits are expected, multiple sources of income are well marked, and unexpected gains can be likely. Speculative conditions can be good. Beneficial travel may be on the cards for some. Most of the bad aspects will have no effect. You can march ahead cheerfully with full self-confidence.

For detailed horoscope analysis and chart reading, courtesy Pankaj-Astro Jyotish, call Pankaj Kohli at (905) 910-1441 or e-mail Pathofastrology@gmail.com

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