MARCH 2017
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Kiran Bahl


It’s springtime! The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and wedding season is even beginning. Holi, the festival of colors, is even this month (on the 12th)! Let’s celebrate by wearing the latest styles and the brightest trends to begin the beautiful season!


All over gold is definitely a look on every spring/summer runway this year. A gold lace sari, a golden lengha with beige embroidery or a metallic or satin/silk kurti over trousers will just shine.

When wearing this hue, however, stick with minimal jewelry. For a subtle or daytime feel, opt for kundan or matching gold jewelry, but wear just earrings or a kada. For a bolder twist, contrast the gold ensemble with a light sapphire necklace or super large amethyst ring. That pop of color will be eye catching.


Most of the Indian film awards ceremonies have commenced and completed. A striking color that stood out amongst all of them was bright yellow, not a common shade.

It was surprising to many, particularly me, being pastels were announced as the palette for this upcoming wedding season and other events. It took a couple takes to get used to seeing the lemon shade take center stage on many red carpets. But, when life gives you lemons … make amazing outfits!

Anarkali gowns and churidaars were mostly shown off in this bolder shade. And jewelry, too, was more pronounced. Big emerald earrings and ruby bangles were paired with the yellow and still looked pretty. Like spring flowers and delicate, but not too fragile as pink would look.

For Holi, here’s a tip! Instead of opting to wear all white, try wearing a yellow look. The sprinkling of colors on the yellow base when celebrating will look just stunning!


This is the trend designers are promoting more than ever. All over prints, like artwork, are being displayed on suits, saris and lenghas. Moghul looks, wildlife prints, even abstract/geometric patterns are working well.

Many of these collections are obviously multi-colored, some loud in primary colors, others softer in pastel hues (still a sought after palette, even after winter). Choose however you wish, but mind the matching with jewels, hair and shoes. The more simple your accessories remain with this look, the better.


Spring showers can be gloomy, but imagine light rain falling on big, colorful flowers. How pretty! That’s the feel we’re aiming for when wearing gray.

Light gray or a very pale powder blue isn’t a color much on demand. Being these shades flatter every skin tone and complexion is a wonder why not. Wearing a light gray sari or anarkali with citrine stones or even onyx black for more formal events will have you as the epitome of elegance – and uniqueness.

Happy spring and celebrations to all! Throw light and love around like confetti everywhere you go, full of color and shine! And, and always, remember to 'gro' with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, “An Indian Boutique” in Tampa, can be reached at (813) 843-9040, e-mail or visit

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