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Silent Voices: Advancing Your Mindset for Prosperity and Inner Peace
By Soeresh Gobardhan

Many of us are seeking a sense of peace and tranquility in our lives, a sense of silence for our turbulent minds after a day of hard and stressful work. It is very easy to say, "Just relax" when we are at home, and especially when other stressful events may be inflicted upon us.

How can you survive in today's turbulent world, personally and professionally? It is incredibly obvious that the world is changing at a dynamic pace. It is apparent that change, whatever that may be, is often accompanied by varied levels of stress and anxiety. The changes in the concepts of relationships, whether they are professional, business or personal, require new attitudes, new work habits, belief systems and approaches to interpersonal relationships.

Today, more often than ever before, we are more dependent on each other's performance skill levels and mutual respect. For generations, the human being has been taught how to use the so-called intellectual (rational) intelligence. That is the intelligence we have acquired through our education, experience and that can be measured and approved. This rational intelligence is logical and linear. It is an intelligence that deals with facts and numbers, analysis and evaluations. It always presents two opposites with nothing in between. Yes or no, good or bad; it is rigid with little flexibility.

However, the human species does have another intelligence that cannot be traced, approved or measured by the intellectual intelligence. This doesn't mean that this intelligence doesn't exist. This other intelligence is our intuitional intelligence, or our spiritual intelligence that we call the Prana intelligence in our body. Human beings possess Prana from the moment of conception. This Prana intelligence represents our pure potential, which is a part of the universal intelligence. It is in harmony, has balance, and is immune against toxic criticism and fear. It provides us with happiness, wisdom, inner wealth, peace and silence!

We can also experience Prana everywhere in the global environment; the trees that grow, the birds that sing, the waves that are constantly in motion, the grass that grows. Yet we can't measure it with the tools provided by our intellectual intelligence.

Through the evolution of mankind, our Prana intelligence has been ignored more and more, overruled by our acquired and formal intellectual intelligence.

Most of the world depends on intellectual intelligence. Without computers, we would seriously regress in almost every phase of our existence. Without airplanes, the global economy would be severely impacted. Without today's technological advancements, we would not enjoy the luxuries of modern transportation, communication, nutrition, education, and other items that we consider commonplace. The gifts and benefits of intellectual intelligence possibly balance out the turbulence it has brought into our world. Our expectations of achievement and conduct have been severely altered within our mutual lifetimes, young or old. It results in the suppression of our Prana intelligence, our pure self.

Excerpted with permission from the book "Silent Voices: Advancing Your Mindset for Prosperity and Inner Peace," by Soeresh Gobardhan, M.D., Mahatt Institute (, Coral Springs, Florida, Pages 288, $15.95

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