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By Robert A.G. LeVine and Debra Karstadt

By Robert LeVine

We say it all the time: it is an honor and a privilege to represent our students. When parents trust us with the futures of their children, we take that responsibility seriously. To be most effective, we must develop not only a professional but also a personal relationship. That way, when we provide constructive criticism, our clients understand our re-directions as “constructive” and not “critical.”

So when our students stick around as part of our extended family, it warms the heart. And when their parents ask to work with us … how cool is that!

This is the story of Debra, who we knew first as “Jordan’s Mother” and now serves as a UCA Client Manager. With all her robust education and experience, Debra was quite surprised after Jordan’s first meeting …

“’It was great! He ripped apart the essay draft I brought!’

“I didn’t see that coming. I was already unsure about hiring a college consultant, and this seemed unconventional and not particularly comforting. Like most parents, my mind leaped from one concern to another. This was my only child. It had been a long time since I had applied to college. I would hear one thing in parent groups, then read something completely different online. Were Jordan’s grades good enough? Were his SAT scores high enough? I was overwhelmed.

“And then … he did what? He ripped apart the essay I had already edited? But my son was clearly excited. He walked out of that office smiling and happier and more motivated about applying to college than ever before. That was all I needed to see. I signed him up right then and there.

“Now, when I think back to that evening, it’s very clear that hiring a college consultant was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a parent. In fact, I directly trace Jordan’s success during college and afterwards to that very first meeting.

“Yes, our family received expertise, guidance and support at a time when we needed it most, but although it may sound overly simple, the most valuable thing that happened was the development of a good, lasting relationship with my son. From there, things started to fall into place, and they continue to fall into place. Although Jordan wasn’t accepted to every school, he was accepted to his first choice: NYU Stern. After he graduated from high school, he became an intern at UCA and learned a lot about business and about himself. Jordan started his own company with UCA’s help, and he’s making a bunch of money. They still talk every few months.

“Me? Today, I am a college consultant myself, a UCA Client Manager. Almost every day, I meet nervous parents – just as I was – with those familiar angst-ridden expressions. I mentor over-scheduled, stressed-out students, just like my son was. Having been on both sides of the process, I can say with supreme confidence that while the pressure and stress associated with college applications can take a toll on students and families, it doesn’t have to.

“What I like best about my job is how we spend extra time to help our students in ways that are very personal and a bit untraditional. We walk students through a Guided Self-Analysis module to help them really understand themselves (and help me understand them, too). This helps our clients sort out the numerous college options available, “sell” themselves to those colleges, and even perform better during college.

“Of course, the foundation of a personal service is being personal, and we use a very interactive team approach, which not only helps our clients, but also helps each of us. We have multiple weekly video meetings, email each other constantly, call each other to check on our students (and ourselves), and communicate so much that it feels like I am working in the main Tampa office, not in Brooklyn. Peace of mind – in all moments – makes such a difference in performance.

“All those years ago, we trusted Bob, UCA and their process. As a result, Jordan is happy, healthy, and working hard. As a parent, that was everything I wanted for my son. As a professional who helps other families navigate the dizzying path towards the future, I want that for you, too.”

Robert LeVine is the founder and CEO of University Consultants of America, an independent educational consultancy assisting students around the world with applications to colleges, universities and graduate schools. For more information, call University Consultants of America, Inc. at 1-800-465-5890 or visit

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