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Happy New Year, dear kids and parents! Let me introduce myself and this new Creative Art column in Khaasbaat. I have been an artist my entire life and have taught art since 1995. I paint traditional Indian miniatures as well as mural paintings. I have successfully done more than 35 group and solo exhibitions in India and United States. In Tampa, I have taught since 2004 from my home gallery studio near USF and Cross Creek. In this Creative Art column, I will be glad to give any guidance related to art. We will be conducting an art competition every other month in which either I will provide a drawing to color or topic for drawing. Each month will be something different and creative. In this issue, let’s discuss some basic knowledge about art.

Color knowledge
Can you imagine a world without colors? Life would be dull indeed! Colors make everything around us twice as beautiful! Red berries hanging on a green tree, light purple mountain ranges, a light blue sky; leaves and flowers of different colors and hues; dazzlingly colorful butterflies, animals, birds, - all these are nature's multi- hued gifts! And it is from nature that we learn the delightful art of bringing colors together - in other words, the art of combining colors.

To create a beautiful picture, it is important to understand some essential facts about colors and how they look when they come together.

Red, yellow and blue are the three primary colors. They cannot be prepared by mixing any other colors. That is why they are called the basic colors.

When two primary colors are mixed, we get a secondary color. For example, by mixing red and blue we get purple. When blue is mixed with yellow, we get the color green and mixing yellow and red, gives us orange. Purple, green and orange are known as secondary colors.

Drawing and coloring tips

All children love to draw, but they need guidance to foster their artistic ability. Here are a few tips for good drawing:

    1. Always and always draw lightly. All children have tendency to press the pencil hard to draw. If you are drawing hard and you need to erase your mistakes, you will still see the pencil marks.
    2. Follow the steps if given in the drawing.
    3. Start from top to bottom. If you are drawing a human figure always draw the head first and then the body. In any other drawing draw the main object first and then create the background.
    4. If you are using crayons or pencil color or water color, always first outline or trace your drawing with the black permanent marker before coloring but if you are using oil pastels, first color your drawing and then outline or trace with black oil pastel color to avoid smudging of black pastel color.
    5. Don’t leave any white space in your picture while coloring and also make sure that your color does not go out of your drawing.

Competition rules:

Remember: When it’s from HEART, its ART

Shyama Rangwala can be reached at (813) 843-6784, e-mail shyama_vn@hotmail.com or visit www.shyamshyama.com

CLICK HERE to print Creative Art competition drawings

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