JULY 2021
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Kiran Bahl


Is it hot enough yet? The weather is sunnier (and more humid) and the temperatures are in the 90s. Indian clothing, the jewelry and even the makeup all together may seem like a job to wear in this heat. But before the holiday season begins next month with a sneak peek celebration of Eid this month, let’s focus on the light and the airy to relax a little. It goes with the weather’s mood of summertime!


Yes, white is not a popular choice of color when we think of Indian fashion or a desi occasion. But it can look casual or formal depending on how you wear it. And it’s a scientific fact – light bounces off white, creating an airier feel. That’s what we want for summer!

An all-cream sari with chikankari work in a pastel shade is oh-so-pretty. A white lengha or salwar kameez with silver or gold embellishments scream elegance but in a cooler way, literally. Keep jewels and makeup light for daywear and darker for evening events. The only pop or contrast that could be added on are with your heels or sandals. A bright pink or green with white is tropical, vibrant and now.


Jewels are finally making a massive comeback for the upcoming holiday months. A year of lockdown and Covid-19 woes had us all mostly home in nothing but bedwear with our Netflix. Dressing up is revived even higher.

The traditional sets are coming out with full chokers, layered in tiers and tiers of kundan or stones. Earrings are full and wide, not just long. Tikkas and bindis are taking a backseat for now. Neutral gold and silver bases with matching stonework is trending. Or, for sharp contrast, wear a multi-colored rainbow set to mix and match with every ensemble. Feeling it's all too hot and too much to wear? Opt out the earrings or the necklace in your set. For balance, choose an updo if wearing the earrings or let your hair loose to cover your bare ears but give attention to a beautiful neck piece.

Big rings, a multitude of bangles, waist belts, and anklets have come into runways and look books for these next few holiday months, keep them handy and ready!


Lots of makeup feels necessary when dressing up for a desi holiday or occasion. We want the full on kajal in the eyes and the deep, dark lips and tips to shine. Here are some easy ways to decorate your face but also not have it melt into a mess, especially if outdoors.

For eyes, use your face powder first to dab both eyelids and on underneath your eyes. This will give you a foundation, a dry base of sorts. Layer on the eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadows for any fancy gathering. For a daytime get-together or pooja, just keep the eyeliner and swipe on one shade of shadow. Use an eyelash curler for those lashes and you’re done!

For lips and tips (both finger and toe nails), go dark if you want. Just be sure to use lipliner so your color doesn’t ‘bleed’ out. If wanting a bolder dark lip look in the day, keep eyes simple and try a plum or rust lip shade. Very pretty! For nails, nudes are still in but if you want some color, try maybe an inversed French manicure or French manicure outline in one (or several) neon shades. You’ll shine.

Happy summer to all. Enjoy the long lazy days, grab an iced tea or chai and take a dip in the ocean! Before you know it, they’ll be replaced by schools starting back up, work feeling busier and then there are the fun upcoming holidays. But most important, enjoy each other, and as always, remember to ‘gro’ with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, an Indian Boutique (www.grostyles.com), can be reached at (813) 843-9040 or kiran@grostyles.com

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