MARCH 2021
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Kiran Bahl


It’s time to spring forward! This month concludes winter and introduces itself all anew again in the form of spring, along with Holi too, the rainbow celebration of the new season!

Like Holi, Indian fashion has been including a myriad of color palettes, particularly tonal looks, print mixes and a splash of whimsy. Let’s look and feel the newer styles.


This look can be super simple and right on trend too. Pick a color. Now, dress head to toe in it. Done! It’s especially easy with Indian ensembles, being they’re already put together for you either in the form a sari in one color or a suit in another. Try a simple blue sari with blue heels and blue jewels. Or an orange palazzo suit, complete with matching dupatta.

Feeling a bit more ambitious? Pick a color. Now, dress head to toe in multiple shades of that same color. So, a red sari with burgundy heels and magenta lips will shine and so will a pink churidar suit with hot pink sandals and mauve lips!

This look can be harder to go with after years of conforming to the contrast is better than fully matching styles. But it’s also a look that’s refreshing after such a long time – give it a try for sure!


I’ve been seeing this look in American fashion too, where looks are being mixed up with several prints but still going together. What’s the trick here without looking like you had nothing to wear so you mixed up whatever you had in your closet as your final ‘look’?

Follow this super simple rule: Pick two or three different prints to match, but also make sure their palettes match up mostly too.

A tropical print sari in green, brown, black and white will look cute with leopard heels in brown and black. A polka dot lengha in yellow, blue, white and beige will pair up perfect with a striped dupatta in red, orange, yellow and beige. Furthermore, add on a chikankari choli in yellow and black – beautiful!


There’s a new trend all over involving wearing a sari or lengha along with a belted blazer or cardigan. It’s a unique concept, attempting to replace the shawl/vested looks of seasons past.

It’s eye-catching and maybe worth a spin at the next big event. Just be sure the blazer isn’t oversized. It won’t work in Indian fashion as it does with its American counterpart. The belt can be thin or thick, with a logo or buckle. But keep it neutral or metallic toned. Overall, it’s not a minimal look and too much will look overly amusing.

Try a gray sari with hot pink blazer and gold belt. Keep the pallu under the blazer for a clean look. For lenghas, a cream lengha with black cardigan and silver belt will look wow. Keep the dupatta the same, underneath. For a bolder output, shawl the dupatta!

It's a new season and with Covid-19 thankfully more stable, it’s a time to get back out there and live your life! Enjoy spring, enjoy Holi! Stay safe, keep your masks on and, as always, remember to ‘gro’ with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, an Indian Boutique (, can be reached at (813) 843-9040 or

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