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ARIES / Mesha (Fire sign, ruling planet is Mars) - (March 21 – April 20)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika (1st Part)

Mars is symbolic of a warrior a soldier, adventure and courage. However, this month we see multiple combinations come into play; some positive, some lukewarm; i.e., sun conjoins your planetary lord, creating aggression and anger; Jupiter and Mars aspect the house of health, peace, finance, matrimonial or business alliances. One may have to exercise control over emotions and dominance. Aggression and anger management play their roles, especially in marital and business alliances! Remember, time waits for none and you have the power to work hard and produce favorable results, particularly finance, accrual of wealth and material prosperity. Precaution: Beware of over-enthusiasm. Exercise self-control and restraint.

TAURUS / Vrushabha (Earthen sign, ruling planet is Venus) - (April 21 – May 21)
Moon Sign - Stars covered Krittika (last 3 parts), Rohini, Mrigashira (first 2 parts)

Taurians have a promising time on one hand and trying time both together. Your sign lord Venus positively aspects and impacts the house of peace, wealth and identity. On the other hand, be cautious with medical issues, especially kidneys, UTI or prostate. Negative under-currents may also be felt in matrimonial or business relationships. However, major planets transit positively. It is time to seize opportunities and derive the fruits to your advantage and guard against medical issues. Precaution: Don’t procrastinate; in fact, move with the tide of time.

GEMINI / Mithuna (Air sign, ruling planet is Mercury) - (May 22 – June 21)
Moon Sign - Stars covered Mrigashira (last 2 parts), Ardra & Punarvasu (first 3 parts)

An encouraging period, though one takes time to take a firm decision on any matter due to fluidity and duality in nature. Marital bliss for the married and positive alliances for eligible-seeking partner looks promising for many. Though professional advancement is on the cards, however, chance of a last-minute road block cannot be ruled out. With smart planning and quick action, one is able to achieve much to their advantage else there is more to lose with procrastination! On medical front, skin rashes and allergies, especially nose and throat, may troublesome natives. Precaution: Plan well and execute promptly. Stalling is not your friend.

CANCER / Kataka (Watery sign, ruling planet is Moon) - (June 22 – July 22)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Punarvasu (4th part), Pushya, Aslesha

Moon is your ruler with waxing and waning phases. Pay special attention to the lunar cycle. With a waxing Moon and a little bit of luck, time factor becomes satisfactory – for business ventures, self-employed, marital alliances, and real estate matters or anything auspicious. When Moon enters the waning phase, don’t rely on luck; instead, take charge of situations and work with double force and energy. The secret is to not let your mind remain idle, as it has a tendency to wander and slip into an abyss. The month is otherwise quite rewarding for self-achievers and go-getters. Precaution: Avoid being idle, utilize physical energy to win over mental forces.

LEO / Simha (Fire sign, ruling planet is Sun) - (July 23 – August 22)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Magha, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni (1st part)

Leo, a royal sign, always commands respect with an inherent quality of domination. You cannot tolerate “low-level thinking at any time”. This is a promising month though positive results are not without trials. Your sign lord is debilitated for the first fortnight; this means some may face identity-crisis, trying hard to prove themselves, little recognition and low self-esteem. But have full faith in your sign; remember, an injured lion has twice the strength to get up and fight. Beware, low immunity and allergies cannot be ruled out. Precaution: Be prepared to fall, but get up with twice the energy and fight.

VIRGO / Kanya (Earthen sign, ruling planet is Mercury) (August 23 – Sept. 22)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Uttara Phalguni (last 3 parts), Hasta, Chitra (first 2 parts)

Your sign lord, Mercury, conjoining Sun and Mars, transits through a favorable time. Similarly, Venutian transit in Jupiter’s house is a blessing. With current transition of your sign lord and many other encouraging planets, there is a positive impact on house of wealth, peace, material and physical comfort. A well-planned constructive project may take shape. Intellectual faculties are functioning well and influential circle seems to expand too. Effective contacts are being made. Business seems to be improving also. However, existing marital relationships or ones in formation may see some setback if not handled properly. Move with time for converting opportunities into successful ventures. Precaution: Be alert. Keep your doors open to opportunities.

LIBRA / Tula (Air sign, ruling planet is Venus) - (September 23 – October 23)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Chitra (last 2 parts), Swati, Vishakha (first 3 parts)

Librans, the transitory effect of current planets cannot be said to be beneficial. With the royal Sun and Mars present in your house, one may be given to anger. To specify, this combination may produce adverse results in dealing with people, especially when they don’t listen or take your advice. However, the directional influences are highly advantageous where luck and intuitiveness play a vital role in uplifting you financially and materially. Precaution: Little belief in intuition and working accordingly may be a good idea; however, judge for yourself, weigh all pros and cons before taking a decision.

SCORPIO / Vruschika (Water sign, ruling planet is Mars) - (October 24 – Nov 22)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Vishakha (4th part), Anuradha, Jyestha

Placement of transiting planets provides a mixed picture. Some expenses that are from the government may require both partners to contribute proportionately. Professionally, this is a good time to get into government, armed forces or police services. People with political backgrounds stand to gain much. People with weak willpower may be given in to smoking and drinking. Monetary and financial situation improves for a lot of people. However, spousal relations may turn sour for some. With a little patience, one can turn the situation favorably. This is a great time to develop spiritual powers. Precaution: Watch for promotion in a government job.

SAGITTARIUS / Dhanush (Fire sign, ruling planet is Jupiter) - (Nov 23 – Dec 21)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Moola, Purva Shada, Uttara Shada (first part)

Trend of the current month promises a positive time. Your 2nd house is strong bringing financial prosperity and domestic peace. Professional growth, increase in income, higher salaries cannot be ruled out. These are all well marked in the chart. However, your sign lord is debilitated, which means rewards will surely come, but will come after lot of hard work and labor. Be cautious with medical issues, especially liver, kidney or prostate problems. Precaution: Healthcare needs first priority.

CAPRICORN / Makara (Earthen sign, ruling planet is Saturn) - (Dec 22 – Jan 20)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Uttara Shada (last 3 parts) Shravana, Dhanistha (first 2 parts)

The current month indicates that you have a fairly good time in all respects. Favorable trend continues, so do not miss opportunities. Your 11th house is well disposed, making you financially secure by providing larger gains. Time favors you for taking up new ventures too. Believe in the saying, “when the iron is hot, strike with your might.” This is the time to put ideas into action. Precaution: Don’t procrastinate.

AQUARIUS / Kumbha (Air sign, ruling planet is Saturn) – (Jan 21 – Feb 19)
Moon Sign - Stars covered: Dhanishta (last 2 parts) Satabhisha, Purva Bhadra Pada (1st 3 parts)

Your sign lord, Saturn, is partially beneficial; however, the house of profession and the house of income are strongly placed and powerful, creating conditions for big achievements and success in all undertakings. Similarly, the disposition of Venus in the 11th gives all success with rich gains. It is time to spread your wings more widely to cover more areas in your field of activities. Precaution: Seize time and opportunity. This is a great time.

PISCES / Meena (Water sign, ruling planet is Jupiter) - (Feb 20 to March 20)
Moon Sign - Stars covered: Purva Bhadra Pada (last part) Uttara Bhadra Pada, Revathi

Development and professional progress is seen. Planetary position indicates one may have to undertake some special projects, involving air travel. This will be rewarding and gainful. Your 9th house is strong, which means that fortune shines. The door for some big schemes is opening shortly. Be patient and wait for better opportunities for all new ventures. Seems some may strike gold. Precaution: Let not opportunities slip you out. Honor time, time honors you.

For detailed horoscope analysis and chart reading, courtesy Pankaj-Astro Jyotish, call Pankaj Kohli at (905) 910-1441 or e-mail

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