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To teach our kids or today's generation about our culture and Hinduism, sometimes makes parenting a challenging job. It can be made easy through art and animation. Kids love cartoons and they learn faster by seeing them.

Often, children’s rooms are decorated by their favorite characters pictures or stickers such as Mickey or Dora or princesses or any Disney character. Why don't we make Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman or Lord Ganesha their favorite characters and explain the story of that particular God?

In this painting, I have shown the different moods of Krishna when he was a baby. The painting depicts an imaginative Vraj Bhoomi (birthplace of Krishna) where the mountains in the background are the Govardhan mountain, the house is the Nandalaya, the river flowing besides the house is the holy Yamuna.

Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Piglet, Chipmunks and other characters are Krishna’s Gop Sakha and Gopikas having fun and enjoying pranks of their loving baby Krishna. The cows are shown jumping over Krishna out of happiness. There is moon, star, sun, rainbow everything in this beautiful imaginative “My Little World.”

You can explain to your child about our gods and goddesses easily and in their own baby language. Have such a painting over the crib in their room where they can see them every day. I bet your child will start loving God at a very young age. I have done this for my daughter and she loves it. I also teach such paintings and drawings in my art class.

Art competition

Create any drawing on ‘My little World’ and send in your entry by Nov. 15. Use your imagination and create this artwork in any media. Be creative. Use different materials such as crayons, markers and foam stickers, just anything that comes in your little big mind. Use any characters with your favorite God’s image. Also, write a small story on your artwork to express your feelings. Winner’s name will be announced in October issue.


Ashwini Prasanna


Payal Pandya


Anjali Sharma


Pavitra Anand

Winners from the July - Mosaic art competition

3 to 5 years – Tie between Anjali Sharma and Pavitra Anand;
6 to 8 years – Tie between Payal Pandya and Ashwini Prasanna.

Congratulations to you all!

Call for Art

Shyama’s Art is going to hold a professional Art Exhibition “My Art My Way 2014” in January 2014 at Carroll wood Cultural Center. This is an open call for artists of all ages. Deadline for registration is Sept. 29. Artwork will stay at the center for the full month of January. There also will be an Art reception and renowned guest speakers will give speech on art and heart. Last year, during the “Student-Teacher show,” about 60 of Shyama’s Art students exhibited their art. This year, artists of all ages are urged to join. Registration fee is $30. Shyama’s Art will distribute trophies and certificate to all participants.

Remember: When it’s from HEART, its ART

Shyama Rangwala can be reached at (813) 843-6784, e-mail shyama_vn@hotmail.com or visit www.shyamshyama.com or check Shyama’s Art on Facebook.



Bhavana Subramanian

By Bhavana

As school begins, so does the race among high school students to obtain the highest grade point average in their class. Many students enroll in several online classes and fill their schedule with AP courses in order to add extra tenths to their weighted GPA. However while colleges appreciate a student taking a rigorous schedule, the disadvantages of taking extra courses may outweigh the benefits.

Competitive students often enroll in multiple courses on Florida Virtual School to boost their GPA. There are many benefits to taking online courses such as having a flexible work schedule and a wide selection of classes to choose from. Due to these advantages, FLVS courses typically result in high grades, but it may be difficult to balance assignments from online classes with other work from school. Additionally, online courses require self-learning, and if a student completes the work solely for the grade, they may not have acquired much knowledge in the process. If a student really wishes to take online courses, then I believe it is best to take them over the summer. This way, you have adequate time and attention to devote to the course. Students may even finish a course within a month if they spend enough time on it, leaving plenty of time for them to enjoy their vacation.

During my sophomore year of high school, I thought the best use of my time was to take five AP classes instead of three like most of my classmates. At first, I was excited about the prospect of a higher GPA and the opportunity to earn many college credits, but as my workload began I quickly regretted my adventurous choice. Throughout the year, I struggled with all the work that was assigned, which resulted in me having less time for my extracurriculars as my time was spent studying for all of my classes. When it was time for my AP exams, it was extremely difficult for me to dedicate time to each subject because I had to prepare for several exams. In the end, although my GPA increased and I earned college credits, my year was stressful and I was not able to devote time for the extracurricular activities I love.

In the eyes of colleges, the most well-rounded applicant is the most qualified applicant. Extracurriculars are an important factor in the college admission process, and a student with a variety of interests is a stronger candidate than one with just a high GPA. Instead of focusing on taking as many additional classes as possible, a better way to strengthen your college resume is to be involved in sports, music, or school clubs. Therefore, I suggest only choosing online courses that complement those you are taking in school or selecting subjects you are genuinely interested in.

Bhavana Subramanian is an 11th-grade student at King High School in Tampa.


bY Sarina Patel

You Are A Spectacular Star

You are priceless and true,
Outstanding, charming you.
Unfurl and broaden your wonderful wings,
Be sure to release your clings.
When you walk forward, the path you will take;
Will be brimming with daring challenges, in which you may defy every looming stake.
Come out endowed with triumphant victory,
Glimmering as brightly as your eyes; for all the skeptical souls to see- with clear visibility.
You have been cultivated from the unique depths of breathtaking creativity and originality,
Welcoming every tantalizing and chilling possibility.
May you excel in taking flight,
Empowering the worlds' torch with a strong flame; making the world to be luminous and bright.
As tempting as it may be; please hold nothing back.
Remember these next words: be as tough as a tack.
Whatever those critical speculators may pessimistically say,
Tell them that they can't just have their way.
Lift your antenna- so stunning and majestic,
Choose jolly companions that are void of any trick.
Don't begin to hate,
Refrain from plotting with simmering anger, or striking back to retaliate.
Treat the questioning world with kindness and compassionate care.
For otherwise you'll begin to despair,
And your thickest, tightest bonds will be severed, to disintegrate into thin air.
Remember just who you are,
Then in this world, you'll be a star!

My Mother Is The Sun

My mother is the sun.

Her compassionate, fierce gaze burns into me,

Warming and enlightening me with her graceful radiance,

With her ringing laughs and beautiful smiles.

Sometimes, she dapples my shadow-silhouetted paths,

Encouraging me to blossom with her brilliant light.

To look forward at her blazing, comforting rays.

Occasionally, her looks are demanding and scorching,

Persistently pushing me to achieve – to get better!

Her determined voice resonates with passion and wisdom,

Inspiring me with the rays of bold power,

That shine brightly like her caring, brave, gold heart.

I thank my mother for always being my sun,

A picturesque hero that illuminates my path.

May you continue to shine on.

Sarina Patel is a sixth-grade student at Williams IB Middle Magnet School in Tampa.


Radhika Rangwala of Tampa won six trophies at the recent National American Miss Pageant in Orlando. There were 156 participants and “she was the only one Indian,” said her proud mother Shyama Rangwala. “It was nice experience for all of us.” National American Miss is a pageant system for girls across the United States ages 4-20.

The young girls gave a personal introduction on stage, walked with an escort and were interview by five judges. Radhika also presented two talent performances where she completed a sunset watercolor painting in two minutes and gave correct answers to 30 math problems in 1½ minutes.

The 6-year-old has earned several trophies and certificates in art, ballet, gymnastics and Aloha math.


Last month, the North South Foundation's National Finals 2013 took place at Duke University in North Carolina. Several children from Florida were selected for the Finals in different categories. NSF invites students to participate in the National Finals based on cutoff scores in each category.

Ayush Singh, left, and Varun Singh

Sandhya Ganesh

Three students from the Tampa Bay area made it to the Top Ten in four categories.

For a complete list of winners, visit www.northsouth.org/public/uscontests/

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