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Kiran Bahl


It’s a new season! As we bid adieu to Ganesh Chaturthi and welcome autumn, let us also begin to ‘fall clean’ our Indian wardrobes. October is going to be a busy month with so many holidays and occasions just needing to be celebrated, even virtually if necessary!

Let’s use these tips and tricks to have things at hand when you need them. Above all? You’ll look on-trend easily and at ease, especially when in a rush.


Do separate your clothes by outfit. If you are lucky enough to have some extra space, opt to turn your spare closet or even room into your very own Indian boutique. It’ll be even easier to sort your clothes. Hang all formal/semi-formal saris together, all lenghas together and all suits together. For casual wear, do the same or bag/shelve your kurtis, leggings, salwars and palazzos too, each in their own sections. Just this little bit can save so much time and effort in finding that right look especially when in a hurry.

Don’t come home after an event and just hang your outfit anywhere in your Indian haven. Leave it in your bedroom or an easy place in your closet. The next day (or the day after even, it’s OK), choose to hang your ensemble in the correct place. You’ll never have that “I-know-it’s-somewhere-here" moment again!


Do organize your bangles and jewelry sets. I know it’s hard. Try finding some small shelf cabinets or even a spare nightstand or two. Place that in your closet or extra room for a streamlined way to find your bangles. Box them in the drawers for a better way to transport them back and forth. Make sure bangle sets are placed together. If mixed from get-togethers past, sort them by color. Easy breezy!

Don’t throw your jewelry just anywhere. Ladies, we’re so tempted to just leave a dinner party, rush to our cars and start stripping our jewels, some are heavy, especially on the ears. I’m guilty of it too. The bathroom counter is no exception either. To better things, have a pouch ready in your bag in the car or a small catchall tray on your bathroom counter or drawer. When you have a moment, place your set where it properly belongs and really take the time for those mixed and matched sets where we take earrings and add them to a necklace that also goes with those anklets!


Do sort your stuff. Besides the basics, so many other accessories make up the perfect Indian look. Sari petticoats, a variety of sari blouses, fancy dupattas – they all need a place. Bag or shelve them in their sections for easy findings.

Don’t stash those tiny accouterments just anywhere. Nine out of ten times, we forget where that safe place is anyhow. Bindis, drawstrings, latkans, even the random tikkas and bridal set you’ll never really wear again should all be placed together, but separated by type. When all is together, it’s harder to forget what exactly we own. It’ll all be there to explore when choosing the outfit.

The holidays are coming full force in October. Let’s take the time to organize ourselves and happily look forward to all that’s coming. And take the time to laugh lots and love the ones that truly mean all to you. After all, being together is really what the holidays are all about. And, as always, remember to ‘gro’ with style!

Kiran Bahl of Gro Styles, an Indian Boutique (, can be reached at (813) 843-9040 or

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