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By NITISH S. RELE and SHEPHALI J. RELE - [email protected]

Readers, you are going to love the March issue of Khaas Baat, the ONE AND ONLY PUBLICATION that offers comprehensive coverage of happenings in your Florida Indian community.

We have added three new columns this month, as well as a guest column by Renu Khator (page 3), provost and vice president of University of South Florida in Tampa. Khator has written about the bridge USF has built to India while citing several examples that led to that path.

Based in Mumbai, veteran film journalist Jyothi Venkatesh kicks off a Bollywood Buzz column (page 17). We have known Venkatesh for over two decades and are proud to bring you his new gossip column straight from Mumbai, the capital of the Hindi film industry. With the tax-filing deadline just around the corner, we thought it appropriate to bring you a column by CPA Kamlesh Patel on tax deductions (page 16).

Thank you, Pandit Vishnu Sharma of Vishnu Mandir in Tampa (page 8) for an informative piece on Holi, the festival of colors, which is being celebrated on March 14.

There are several Indian festivals and of course Holi events being held in several Florida cities. Do try to attend as many as you can and support the organizers of the events.

As always, do send in your feedback, suggestions to [email protected] and continue to support advertisers of Khaas Baat.

Please e-mail your suggestions and comments to [email protected]. And letters to the editor are more than welcome!

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